Rainy Season

Costa Rica receives A LOT of rain. It is a tropical region; a jungle in fact. I live on the Caribbean coast and we usually see a lot of rain here. At the moment, we seem to be having a dry spell because technically we are right into the rainy season and it is very hot and dry. Dry season runs from November to April and the wet season runs from May to October. Other parts of the country are getting their fair share of rain but not so much here on this coast. However, when it does rain it pours! I grew up in the foothills leading into the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada. The weather there is warm in the summer months and cold in the winter, freezing cold! Overall there isn’t a whole lot of rainfall so it wasn’t until I started to travel that I realized how much and how strong the rain could fall. Flash flooding is extremely common during the rainy season here in Costa Rica.

Sometimes we are lucky because the days come in nice and sunny and hot and then in the late afternoon dark, ominous clouds roll in and you either experience the intense storm or you can hear the rumbling of thunder nearby. Other times the rain takes over the day and there can be heavy, steady rainfall throughout the day. Really preventing you from doing anything that requires going outside. Those days are so precious when it has been hot and sunny and busy. I like to take those days as a break. Being a writer, I feel that the rain and rainy atmosphere provides me with the perfect ambience in which to write. The other day it was raining hard in the morning and the sky was dark. I had been planning on taking my 2-and-a-half-year-old son to the little park they have in town but now with the rain what were we going to do? Make a natural juice and have an arts and crafts session of course!

Juicy Caribbean oranges

Now because of the climate in Costa Rica, many delicious, succulent, bright, juicy and sweet fruits grow. Bananas, plantains, pineapples, mangos, papayas, oranges, limes, starfruit, soursop, jackfruits, mangosteen, ackee, etc. etc. etc. the list is endless. In our household food and drink is held in the highest regard. (My boyfriend is a chef, I enjoy cooking and eating and our son loves to snack). I love making natural juices. A blender, sieve, a large jug, cutting board and a sharp knife are my tools to creating the perfect juices. Our current favourite is a blend of orange and starfruit. It is such a natural thirst-quenching juice that has an undeniable freshness that the store bought, mass-produced brands don’t have. You get to control the sweetness and you can rest easier knowing exactly what went into your juice! I use a blender as I do not have a fancy juicing machine. Blenders work just as well except you have the extra step with straining and removing the pulp yourself.

Orange Juice *With A Twist*

6-8       juicy oranges

6-8       starfruit

            sugar (to taste)

2  liters   water

 Wash starfruit and chop into pieces, discarding any bruises or bad spots, blend well in blender. Using the sieve, strain out pulp and discard. Roll oranges to loosen the juices, cut in half and squeeze into sieve to strain out seeds and pulp. Add water and sugar to taste, if the juice is too acidic just add more water. Refrigerate immediately and serve it chilled.

I have plenty more juices that I love to make for my family which I will share in the future. What are some of your favourite juices to make?

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