Jungle Moments

The sun was slowly setting, and I took a shower outside! It is like stolen moments on vacation, but this is my life. The different hues of green, the freshness of it, the nakedness of it, the pure rawness of it. Words can hardly describe the feeling. And it was a cold shower too, with water pumped from our well. After the heat of the day it was a refreshing end. So creative and natural. This is what I want in life: those ordinary, sweet moments.

My family and I live out in the jungle. We are not too far from the main road, but we are in our own little world. The house is a rustic wooden house with a lush yard that my man likes to take care of. It is our oasis. From the porch you can see a lot of animals and flying things. We are woken up in the morning by birdsong. Hummingbirds visit in the morning along with the butterflies. We go to sleep with the crickets and frogs croaking out their goodbye to the day. Looking out into the jungle, I have wondered how many shades of green exist? Anything your mind could conceivably come up with as green, it would be represented somewhere in that jungle.

Side of the house with a fresh paint job.

As I am starting to slow down, having lived in a busy city for a while, I am appreciating these moments that catch me. I am fully immersed into it. Paying attention to those details and how I actually feel in the present. Those moments I can look back on later in life and know that I was in complete bliss and grateful and happy. There was no where else I wanted to be and no where else I could have been in those precious jungle moments. Sometimes I think life is giving us these ‘rewards’ to tell us that we are on the right path or for us to save up, in memory, for those not so great days.

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