Travel Tips: Saving Money Shortcuts

I can’t really count how much money I’ve spent travelling but I’m certain over the last 12 years, it adds up to a lot. Flights, accommodations, entertainment, transportation and all those travel expenses, expected and unexpected, add up. At some point you will have to make a choice: Save your money wisely or spend your money foolishly. In my own experience, I was willing to give up certain things to save money strictly for travel. I yearned to travel and really the only thing holding me back was finances.

I’ve often been asked how I afford to travel. Here are a few ways that have helped me successfully save more money to fund my travels:

Coffee’s, To Go

I used to love my coffee, to-go. I worked a job once where I spent a lot of time running around in the community and it would be so easy to buy a coffee here and there. Buying lunch, too, became quite a habit. I worked out how much I could save in a week and then within a month and I was shocked. I had a coffee maker at home and there was coffee available at work. So, I vowed to not purchase a coffee again. Same idea with eating out. For me it was an occasional treat and not a daily habit. Take a moment and calculate how much you are spending on food and drink and further calculate how much of that is truly unnecessary. Do we need food to survive? Yes. Can we cook at home or look into cheaper options? Most definitely.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Unfortunately, one major part of adulting is paying bills. We have fixed things like rent/mortgage, groceries, and childcare. Then we have things that are luxuries and not essential to our survival. My cellphone bill was a good example of how a bill could be cut down. Did I really need data 24/7? I had access to Wi-Fi at work, had it at home and could connect in most indoor public areas. I managed to save myself around $40 USD per month by eliminating data. I’ve just mentioned cellphone bills, but also if you take the time to shop around for things like car insurance, cable, and other things like this there are always ways to save money.

Needs vs. Wants

I have this talk with myself every time I want to buy something that I don’t necessarily need but I do want. I used to buy books and magazines. I found out I could borrow a lot of books through my local library, magazines too. There are cheaper alternatives online as well like Audible and Amazon. Clothing is another major money grabber. I often browse through stores that sell pre-loved clothing. It is a great way to save money while still clothing yourself in your own unique style.

Look For Sales!

For me, this is best applied in the supermarkets. Keeping an eye on prices of things you regularly buy can save big money. Flyers are mailed out weekly or you can find them online. Bathroom tissue is a big item that I like to buy in bulk on sale. We always need it, but we don’t necessarily need to pay full price for it! Thinking ahead, you may save money buying items in bulk that you will use, or alternatively, buying less of something until you use it all up.

In my opinion, I think there are always ways to cut costs. Not everything I’ve written will work for everybody, but this is what helped me squeeze that extra cash into my savings account. So far, I have not regretted the money I have spent on travel. The ability to move around the world and see so many different places is a privilege. I am fortunate enough to be able to do this and as I always say: I believe everyone should travel!

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