Travel Blues

It seems as if my vacation is experiencing a cold blast. Yes, even here in Costa Rica it has been rainy and cold for the past few weeks. I am well aware, before you stop reading, that I am not in the frigid, cold north from where I came. However, relative to the weather I have been experiencing, it is cold! On the other hand, this dreary, rainy weather is so great for my ‘dark and stormy nights’ writing mind. Whichever spin I put on it though, there is no escaping the fact that it is depressing.

Perhaps it doesn’t have to be rainy though. Maybe the sun has been out for weeks, the beach calling to anyone and everyone, and you feel obligated, as a person coming from a cooler climate, to go to the beach. Maybe today you just don’t want to go? 

Here is my question to you: do you ever get bitten by the travel blues?

It doesn’t have to be about the weather. Food cravings, people cravings, even clothing-related cravings have been enough to send me into a blue mood. I suppose we all experience the blues here and there. It’s all a part of life isn’t it?

On those days, specifically while travelling, how do you deal with it? I suppose the right answer would be the same way you would deal with it wherever you call home. Maybe you curl up with a glass of wine and read a book. Maybe you go shopping. Maybe you buy some junk food and binge watch some TV series on Netflix. These are all activities that help you escape from experiencing your reality.

Travel always does look glamorous in photos on social media but remember: to all those gorgeous souls who are out there travelling, living abroad, visiting every corner of the earth, the travel blues do exist. I mean travel is all about seeing and experiencing the world, finding yourself, escaping yourself. So how would that experience be complete without some days where you think: again? Do I have to? I miss [insert thing you are pining for here]…

Please tell me I’m not alone! Tell me about your travel blues.

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